​​​​​​​Bird Control

SAS are bird proofing specialists who utilise Industrial Rope Access methods to access buildings and various other structures to install a full range of bird deterrent systems.

Netting provides a 100% successful deterrent to pest birds from roosting on roofs, facades, rear service areas, practically any part of buildings can be successfully proofed using a netting system.

We design and install a net system that will best suit your building. not only will the netting be 100% successful it will be aesthetically pleasing to look at. We design and fabricate our own steel work when required to support the netting system.

Spiking and wire systems are generally used against perching sites on front elevation ledges, cills, shop signs, lights and again are extremely successful when correctly installed.

Very often the excessive cost of access requirements will deter building owners and managing agents from proofing buildings against pest species of birds. However, SAS can provide an access solution without the excessive costs that scaffolds and mobile platforms can incur.