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Safer Access Solutions Ltd

Providing the services of facade cleaning, gutter cleaning, banner installation and removal, the installation of the complete range of bird deterrent systems.

Eyebolt Installation

SAS install Class A1 anchor eyebolts for
all arrest and rope access purposes which conform to BS EN 795 and installed to BS7883; 2005. Eyebolts can be installed into masonry, brick, concrete, steel structures
and even cavity walls.
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Building Maintenance

Safer Access Solutions perform a number
of tasks using rope access techniques in
the upkeep and general maintenance of buildings. SAS can get practically anywhere on a building to perform the task at hand.
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Banner Installation

SAS are able to install banners and signage
pretty much anywhere on a structure or building. The advantage of our rope access approach to the installation is its safety, efficiency and flexibility.
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Bird Control

SAS are bird proofing specialists who utilise Industrial Rope Access methods
to access buildings and various other structures to install a full range of bird deterrent systems.
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Stadium Maintenance
SAS provide a variety of different tasks and projects at stadia all over the country. From banner and signage installation/removal to industrial painting. Click here to find out
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Window Cleaning
SAS are specialist and experienced industrial window cleaners no matter the height.
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Safety Line installation and inspection

SAS are fully trained and members of the CFA and trained in the installation and inspection of safety lines as well as eyebolts that conform to BS EN 795 and installed to BS7883; 2005.
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Drone Surveys

SAS can supply drone surveys and full photography and video options. Our fully trained pilot as part of the civil aviation society have all the training and qualification certifications to supply full feedback for what the customer requires to find out on their site.
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